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"Nothing is as it seems in Jen Weissenbacher's paintings. The

reality merges with pictorial reality into something new. The Art History came up with the beautiful term “magic realism” for this."

Dr. Bernd A. Gülker, Art Historian (part of his speech at the opening of the exhibition "The New Ones" by Bund Gelsenkirchener Künstler)


Jen Weissenbacher

is an acrylic painter and sculptor from Germany/Ruhrgebiet/Gelsenkirchen.  

She is a member of the Bund Gelsenkirchener Künstler (BGK) since the beginning of 2022. 


May - October 24: Internationale Papierkunst-Triennale Deggendorf (Papier Global 6) 

November/December 23: BGK Gelsenkirchen (Paperback, Group Exhibition)

November 23: KIEZKUNSTFESTIVAL, Beverly-Buer (Group Exhibition)

September/Oktober 23, Galerie 149, Bremerhaven (Noir, Group Exhibition)

January/February 23: BGK, Gelsenkirchen (Die Neuen, Group Exhibition)

November/December 22: BGK, Gelsenkirchen (Himmel, Tod und Teufel, Group Exhibition)

April/May 22: Van der Plas Gallery, New York (At a Crossroads, Group Exhibition)

über mich.


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